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The envoys, on their return, gave a detailed account of
what had taken place to Rajabkuvara5 and introduced to him
the envoys and couriers of All! Yadula Saha whom they had
brought with them, caused valuable dresses, pearl-taraj/s,
waist-bands, shawls, shirts and laced-turbans to be distributed
among them. (Moreover, Rajabhuvai^a; sent to Alii Yadula
Łaha a fine cannon, and (some) valuable pearls.*
When Nizam Saha Bhairy Padusalia, the king of
Daulatabad, Kutupu Saha Padusaha, the king of Golkonda-
Telingana, and Akabaru Jaladinu Mogali Padtigaha, the king
of Jahalnapur, heard this news, they sent the (following)
message to All! Yadula Padusaha :—
" We and you, having united, commenced war upon Raja-
bhuvara.t Why did you secretly open negotiations with him,
and send him royal dresses ? Why did he send you (presents) ?
What is the reason for this ? You have yielded to intrigues
and we shall not trust you. It Is not proper that you should
behave in this manner. We should all join together, and make
warj upon the King of Kings (rajarajana mSle). We send you
this message so that we may win the war. If you carry on
your intrigues still, then we will be obliged to separate
ourselves, and retire. There is no other (way). If you join
us, well, our determination to wage war upon Rajabhuvara still
holds good; if, (on the contrary), you do not join us, well, we
shall in future wage war on both you and Rajabhuvara
To this message. All! Yadula oaha, who was alarmed, sent
the (following) reply, with the couriers :—
"Whatever you are planning is agreeable to me, I am
willing to follow your advice."
* The original has ditrda which means ' the dregs of wine' left at tht
bottom of a wine cup after drinking. Rajabhuvara would not have sent this as a present
Moreover, the epithet ' valuable ' which qualifies this word is inapplicable. It is pro-
table that the correct reading of the text is durya. meaning a pearl*
t The text has bandi meaning plunder which does not suit the context.
..{.The text   read*   here    Tamii   poh&jUfi***     The   meaaing   of   these   words